JS Security participates in a video interview with Analyst Group

Christopher Ramstedt, founder and chief operating officer of JS Security Technologies Group AB ("JS Security" or "the Company"), will participate in a video interview produced by Analyst Group.
April 3, 2022
JS Security participates in a video interview with Analyst Group

The interview is expected to be published during week 35 and will be available via and Youtube.

About Analyst Group

Analyst Group was founded in 2014, a time when information available to small and medium-sized companies was considered deficient. Today, Analyst Group is one of the foremost and fastest growing analysis houses with headquarters in Stockholm and a branch in Lund.

For further information, please contact:

Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer & IR Manager

About JS Security

JS Security is a Swedish blockchain-based cybersecurity group. The company's expertise lies in the development of advanced technological infrastructure and platforms based on blockchain technology. JS Security offers secure decentralized data storage and complementary applications primarily for B2B. The current customers are located in Scandinavia. JS Security has offices in Helsingborg and headquarters in Stockholm.

The company's shares are listed on Spotlight Stock Market.