April 3, 2022

Dear shareholders and other stakeholders!

Here is a new update from us at JS Security.

Our "mission and vision" is about training in new technology. This is to create an understanding among the customer of why they should invest in "Web3" technology instead of just focusing on traditional, centralized solutions. We guide the customer through a process from a first initial meeting until we together find the proper use case to then be able to implement a relevant solution.

A large part of the work during Q1 2022 has been about product development and packaging of the Group's product range to shorten sales processes and increase the onboarding of new customers.

We onboarded the "DeFI" company Capapult to SaaS a few months ago. When the sales process began, the customer already understood "decentralized storage" and "Web3" technology, which enabled a significantly shortened sales process from the first meeting to a signed agreement. This was because an educational phase was not necessary.

"Now, the focus is on solid commercialization. We plan a sharp increase in sales over the next 12-24 months. We now see that the strategy that we have worked with since the company's founding will create excellent values ​​shortly. '' Says Pierre Grönberg, founder and CTO

Overall group status

As we have conveyed in previous press releases, we are in dialogues with Gartner about a potential collaboration. The collaboration aims to position JS Security for rapid growth. The Group also equipped the organization with support and sales to cope with an abrupt increase in new customers and their needs.

Since the previous "Block_" was published, the Group has focused on product packaging and positioning, as we have noticed a lack of understanding in the market of what the Group as a whole does and how they work towards the customer/market is structured.

The Group consists of JS Security Technologies Group AB, the listed parent company. This includes various products and wholly-owned subsidiaries that form the JS Security Group. Together, the Group offers a complete solution in information security.

Future expectations

As a shareholder in JS Security, you are involved in an inspiring journey. We operate in a rapidly growing market.

In the coming months, JS Security will work hard to clarify the Group's various business areas, which will lead to increased sales. Of course, development and sales go hand in hand as we adapt our products based on use cases and the customer's needs.

Test customers

Many of our test customers show interest in extending the contract. Several have also provided feedback on functionalities they consider missing or required to change from, e.g., Sharepoint, Dropbox, or Google Drive. This is valuable information for the Group as it helps us steer development in the right direction and shape future products.

Interest in the Group's products remains strong in niche areas with a large customer base. We have continued to aim to convert most test customers to paying customers.

"Feel that we are a few steps away from the ketchup effect. Some small adjustments need to be made in parallel with the sales work. However, I am convinced that we will have a fast and steady growth of customers in 2022." says Christopher Ramstedt, founder, operations manager, and IR manager

Status of previously communicated information about three potential customers

The Group has previously communicated information about three dialogues with potential customers. We are still in dialogue with these and are working intensively to come to an end. Our development department works in parallel with the potential customers' development departments to find the right way forward in integrating Infrastructure-as-a-Service underlying API. The three potential customers want closed networks, where external data halls in Sweden manage and operate the customers' nodes, but with IaaS as the underlying technology behind IaaS.

The public network can be viewed via the following link:


StoneBeach, with its established customers in the enterprise segment, is a significant part of the Group. Work is currently underway to link StoneBeach's existing customers with the Group's overall product range. StoneBeach's successful work has created opportunities to invoice SEK 0.2 million more than estimated during Q1 2022.

The next block, "Block_013" will be published on April 29, 2022.

For further information, please contact:

Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer & IR Manager