April 3, 2022

Dear shareholders and other stakeholders,

Here is a new update from us at JS Security.

Christopher Ramstedt, JS Security's founder and chief operating officer, participated in a video interview produced by the research house Analyst Group during the week. During the interview, Christopher gave a summary of the past year and answered questions related to JS Security's ambitions with the acquisition of StoneBeach and the Company's future development.

JS Security recommends that shareholders and other stakeholders participate in the interview via the link below.

Link to the interview:

Last week, JS launched Infrastructure-as-a-Service ("IaaS"), which primarily aims to improve the security and integrity of data centers worldwide.

In this block, we highlight the benefits of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and urge all Swedish data centers to integrate the product into their storage environment. This is to provide the extra security required, given the turbulence that reflects our world today.

Link to IaaS video in English:

About Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Infrastructure-as-a-Service, also known as IaaS, is a signed "Append-only Log" data distribution protocol. Simplified, it is a blockchain without its consensus algorithm.

JS Security has used the above technology to build a decentralized network infrastructure with multiple nodes. These nodes, in turn, create a small (or large) constellation of hard drives, i.e., storage space. The storage of the stored information takes place in the same way as in Security-as-a-Service, but at the server level.

JS Security has combined technology from the cryptocurrencies' "smart contracts" to be able to sign and encrypt the various file parts cryptographically. The encryption of classification AES-256 occurs according to the "end-to-end" principle, which means that the client encrypts the information before it is passed on.

In these times, with a turbulent external environment, JS Security's Infrastructure-as-a-Service will provide a stable and secure decentralized storage infrastructure for data centers worldwide. Actors who implement IaaS raise the security level of their customers' backups to the limit. The product can be implemented at most data centers without affecting customers.

The next block, "Block_011" will be published on March 31, 2022.