April 3, 2022

Dear shareholders and other stakeholders,

Today's "Block_" will be shorter than usual due to tomorrow's year-end report.

During the week, JS Security had a new meeting with Gartner's IT consulting company regarding a possible future collaboration. Gartner and we are very optimistic about continuing the dialogue around the collaboration. During the follow-up meeting, Gartner has a very high goal with the collaboration. We will continue the dialogue with Gartner and update them about this continuously.

Furthermore, JS Security and StoneBeach have initiated integrating the underlying technology behind Security-as-a-Service with Oracle Web Center Content. Our encryption and underlying decentralized storage will be an independent part of Oracle's server structure.

More about the integration with Oracle can be read here: to-oracle-web-cen, c3513676

In addition, customer processing continues at a rapid pace. Last week, we entered into a commercial customer agreement with "DeFI" - the company Capapult regarding Security-as-a-Service. Our goal, as previously communicated, is, of course, to further develop the commitment.

In conclusion, we can all state that there is currently much misery going on. However, there is nothing in these troubled times that speaks against people, both in the short and long term, wanting to feel secure in how to store their files and data - quite the opposite!

We refer to tomorrow's year-end report for more information about JS Security.

The next block, "Block_010" will be published on March 10, 2022.