Acquisition access, expansion, and future visions
April 3, 2022

Dear shareholders and other stakeholders,

It is time for a new update from us at JS Security.

JS Security recently joined our acquired Company Stonebeach AB ("StoneBeach"). We see this as a very positive addition to the Group.

There are several significant synergies between StoneBeach and JS Security's product range. With JS Security's decentralized and distributed storage as a so-called "Bottom plate", StoneBeach can add its solutions. The goal is to package StoneBeach's existing solutions together with JS Security to offer new and existing customers a complete "cloud solution" and decentralized and distributed underlying storage.

Furthermore, StoneBeach sees excellent potential for increased new customer acquisition with the merger with JS Security. This is because many actors choose not to go over to the "cloud" due to CLOUD Act Regulation. StoneBeach plans to carry out several recruitments to grow further and be able to take advantage of the emerging earning opportunities.

Stonebeach website:

Since its launch, some 30 test users have joined JS Security's platform to store data in a decentralized environment. About 10 of these have already shown interest in a contract extension after the test period. The test period runs for 60 days after registration. We see great opportunities to convert most test users to paying customers when the test period expires.

Link to the platform:

Link to system review:

JS Security's P2P network continues to grow at a steady pace. The number of connected node operators currently amounts to as many as 82. The total potential storage capacity now exceeds 160 TB (terabytes) when all nodes are active.

We have recently begun processing the nearly 1,000 users of our iOS application. The goal is to connect as many people as possible to the P2P network. If we were to connect all of them, the total potential storage capacity would exceed 1 PB (petabytes), which is equivalent to 1,000 TB, 10,000 GB (gigabytes), or 100,000 MB (megabytes).

As we communicated earlier, regardless of the number of connected node operators, we will have up to 100% margin on all storage.

Link to become a node operator:

JS Security has recently initiated a dialogue with the IT consulting company Gartner regarding the possibilities of marketing the Company in their "Magic Quadrant". Magic Quadrant is a series of market research reports published by Gartner. This would mean that JS Security ends up on the so-called "research lists" and other significant cybersecurity players.

For more information on Gartner and the Magic Quadrant, visit the following link:

We will soon release a new episode of our acclaimed "BlockCast".

"BlockCast" is JS Security's podcast where the Company's founders, Christopher Ramstedt and Pierre Grönberg, in a straightforward format, want to make the Company's shareholders and other stakeholders more familiar with what is happening and created within the Company's wells. The concept has been well received, which has made it a matter of course for us to continue producing these.

Link to BlockCast:

The next block, "Block_009" will be published on February 24, 2022

If you want to know more about the system or how we can implement it with you as a customer, please email: