April 3, 2022

Dear shareholders and other stakeholders,

Here is a new update from us at JS Security.

In this "Block_" we want to highlight our acquisition of StoneBeach AB but will also provide an overall update on the Group as a whole.

StoneBeach is an information security company with extensive experience in "Enterprise content management". StoneBeach has strategically important customers for JS Security in the banking and finance sector and the automotive industry. During the full year 2021, StoneBeach is expected to have sales of approximately SEK 6 million with an EBITDA result of approximately SEK 1.6 million.

Ever since we started looking at StoneBeach, we have seen clear synergies between the companies, both in sales and technology application. StoneBeach has long and documented experience in information security, JS Security's highest priority. With this acquisition, we accelerate the company's expansion and growth.

StoneBeach currently has customer agreements with major players in the banking and finance sector and the automotive industry. Through these agreements, the goal is for JS Security to be able to integrate "security-as-a-service" as the underlying technology behind the systems used by these players.

In addition, Stonebeach is a cash flow-positive company, which will positively contribute to the entire group's financial position.

Furthermore, Stonebeach has worked with sales and implementation of IT security systems at large companies and authorities for many years. These experiences will complement JS Security well when new customers are processed. For many years, Stonebeach has built up an understanding of the sales processes for large companies and the public sector. Stonebeach will also supplement the Group with resources for continued product development.

We would also like to point out that we have now launched our first version of Node Explorer, which is the tool that you can use to get an overview of our network of nodes.

Link to Node Explorer:

We are working intensively to connect nodes to the network and will soon announce the time for the launch of Node Provider. Before that, anyone who wants to test our innovative solution can become part of the network and take advantage of the benefits of being a Node Provider. Registration is via the following link: We will contact you when "early access" opens.

The next block, "Block_007" will be published on January 20, 2022.