April 3, 2022

Dear shareholders,

Here is a short update from us at JS Security. Next week, we will be releasing a more comprehensive BlockCast episode.

The due diligence work of Stonebeach AB prior to our intended acquisition is now in its final stages. We remain very optimistic about StoneBeach and its synergies with JS Security.

Bounty and penetration testing prior to the launch of our updated network at the turn of the year is proceeding according to plan. The actor performing these tests is HackerOne. We are anxiously awaiting the results of these tests and will inform the market about this as soon as we receive the results.

HackerOne is an American vulnerability and "bug bounty" platform that connects companies with, e.g., ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts. HackerOne collaborates with global hacker groups to discover the most relevant security issues for its customers before criminals can exploit them.

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In other respects, all processes linked to the development work and the launch of our updated network are proceeding according to plan.

Link to BlockCast:

As stated above, we continue our work to create value for all our shareholders.

The next block, "Block_006" will be published on December 16, 2021.