Behind every great company is a great mind, or two. Meet the founders behind JS Security.

When Christopher ended his employment at a successful and well-established company and teamed up with Pierre, people around him thought it was one of his best decisions. The friends had a big dream and an even bigger ambition. With a strong belief in themselves and unwavering positivity, they have created JS Security, which is a Swedish-listed blockchain-based cybersecurity group specializing in data storage and offers security products with blockchain technology as the basic infrastructure
April 3, 2022
Behind every great company is a great mind, or two. Meet the founders behind JS Security.

Christopher, tell us about your background and why you founded JS Security?

Before JS Security, I worked as an analyst at a major Swedish bank in parallel with running a digital agency. While working with the bank’s customers and my own, I discovered major vulnerabilities in how data is stored daily according to the standard design.

We stored the data according to a centralized model where outsiders, both legally and illegally, could access the information stored. With the globally increasing number of data breaches, I felt that the market needed a big change, and it was immediate.

I got in touch with Pierre through an acquaintance and we immediately shared the same opinions and thoughts. We had the same dream and ambition to build a system where the user no longer has to trust storage providers to do their job in keeping criminals away, or worry that someone who should not have transparency has it. We had the common dream of building something that both private individuals, companies, and authorities can use to together eliminate a global and growing societal problem.

Pierre, tell us a little about you and your vision for the company going forward?

I am a driven IT entrepreneur who is passionate about making a difference. I have founded several companies, including an award-winning development agency in Helsingborg. One of the issues that are closest to my heart is cybersecurity. The reason for this is probably because it is a large and growing problem. It is both a costly and devastating story if private sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands.

When Christopher asked me if we would create JS Security together, my answer was of course yes. We share the same thoughts and ambitions, which have shaped us into a perfect team to achieve our common goals.

Our vision is to build JS Security into a leading global player and set a new industry standard in how we handle and securely store information and data. JS Security must be the obvious choice for private individuals, companies, and authorities when it comes to which actor to hire to secure their stored information and data.

We want each individual and company to own their data. We do not want the data to be in the hands of companies with centralized server solutions where both criminal organizations and authorities without permission have access.

We want the individual to decide who will have access to the information and where the information will be stored.