One partner for operation, maintenance, development, support and ownership of licenses - an on behalf solution for the end user.
StoneBeach has a long and solid WCC knowledge and a great deal of trust at Scania.
Mårten Bergsten
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), StoneBeach

Oracle’s Web Center Content (WCC) is an open platform with comprehensive business process services. It gives you complete document management for all unstructured information. With automatic routines and processes, you can deliver the information to the right person in the proper format or directly into the familiar applications that the person is already using.

The solution is best suited for large companies and organizations with complex processes because of the endless development possibilities.

How StoneBeach helped Scania

About 20 years ago, digitization work began inside the walls of one of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers, Scania. StoneBeach was early on the ball and was granted the trust to help Scania in the digitization work. StoneBeach began their work on identifying which parameters Scania needed to improve.

A crucial point was the time between an identified problem (from the field) and the distribution, to 1 600 service points worldwide, of a documented solution to that problem while maintaining robust content security. By using this new system to electronically distribute after-sales information and close their warehouse for printed documents, Scania reduced the massive cost of shipping and time. And again, increased information security has a positive effect.

At the time, all storage took place in paper distribution, e.g., Scania sent all types of manuals for aftermarket suppliers worldwide by mail. This was a massive cost for Scania. StoneBeach spent nearly five years of work streamlining the process.

StoneBeach initiated Technical Information Library (TIL),, which helped Scania get a much better order on all their documents and thus become more efficient. This was when they moved away from physical copies, which were initially sent to a publisher, to be produced and distributed. With TIL and its underlying infrastructure, Scania could now send a PDF to the publisher with the correct language digitally, which thus shortened the lead times and the cost significantly.

Oracle's Web Center Content (WCC) contributed to higher information security for Scania. However, Scania carried out no more profound security work other than the standard information security provided by Oracle. They use Oracle's data storage infrastructure, which means that the data storage is dependent on Oracle. I.e., data storage on servers in a data center.

Thanks to StoneBeach's part of the JS Security Group, an initial integration work has now been initiated to possibly replace the underlying infrastructure behind WCC with JS Security's pioneering technology behind Security-as-a-Service. (Read more about the possible integration below)

Customer challenges

  • Find a solution for the customer to reduce IT costs for operating and maintaining a worldwide application with over 10,000 daily users - Technical Information Library (TIL).
  • Meet the customer's requirements for IT security.
  • Find an agreement for one partner to cooperate with.

Customer benefits

  • One partner for operation, maintenance, development, support, and ownership of licenses - an on behalf solution for the end-user.
  • Development of the application with continuous delivery is simplified with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Partner Value in LifeCycle

  • StoneBeach has a long and solid WCC knowledge and a great deal of trust at Scania. Together with an invaluable understanding of Scania's IT structure and how other applications interact and are connected to TIL, StoneBeach played a crucial role in tying together on-prem applications with OCI.

Partner Consumption Value

  • StoneBeach has signed a framework agreement, which, in addition to development and support, also incorporates the operation and maintenance of the TIL application.

Future integration of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Apex) into Web Center Content

JS Security and StoneBeach have embedded the integration of the underlying Security-as-a-Service technology into Oracle's Web Center Content. JS Security's encryption and underlying decentralized storage will be independent of Oracle's server structure. Furthermore, JS Security secures the future and environment in which companies store their data with significant infrastructure providers.

Initially, the integration led by JS Security and StoneBeach will take place in a so-called "Closed environment" to carry out tests and improvements. This will be implemented later in a so-called "Active environment" for different customers.

Once JS Security and StoneBeach succeed with the integration, this will open the door for customers who want to buy Security-as-a-Service, without initially moving from their existing platforms. This, in turn, will mean significant benefits when it comes to companies that have to move large amounts of data while simultaneously using Security-as-a-Service with other providers such as. Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications combined with an extensive product-related service offering.
Vehicle manufacturing
Södertälje, Sweden