The JS Security Technologies Group

JS Security Technologies Group AB (''The Group'' or ''JS Security'') is a Swedish "Information Security" group founded in 2019 and is active in the complex cyber security domain. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, the group develops advanced security technologies and products for the B2B and B2C markets. JS Security delivers its products and services to a wide range of partners and customers, primarily in Scandinavia and globally. The group has some of Sweden's most prominent companies on its customer list. JS Security has offices in Helsingborg and Stockholm.

The group's shares are listed on the Spotlight Stock Market.
Februari 2022
Official Security-as-a-Service launch
Januari 2022
Completed HackerOne penetration tests
December 2021
Acquisition of Stonebeach AB
May 2021
Listing of the Groups shares on Spotlight Stock Market.
August 2019
The Group was founded

Executive Management

Pontus Wilgodt
Deputy CEO
Christopher Ramstedt
Founder, COO & 
Head of Investor Relations
Pierre Grönberg
Founder & CTO
Bijay Luitel
Head of Engineering
Bibek Koirala
Head of Blockchain

Board Members

Niclas Folkesson
Pontus Wilgodt
Board Member
Per Holmstedt
Board Member
Anders Pätsi
Board Member

Niclas Folkesson
Anders Pätsi

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