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The future is a place where data helps you keep information secure. We are building the future of data protection

It starts here!

We thing differently when it comes to security. We focus on what really hurts. Where a company is most vulnerable. We are here to product data and give value to prevent, detect and eliminate data manipulation and loss.
JS Security Technologies Group is a cyber security SAAS solutions company that builds, invests and acquiers different technical products and companies to build a group with a balance on fully owned SAAs products but also a wide range of subsidiaries to help us grow our goal. Everything is based on decentralised, crypto and blockchain technology where we use different techniques to curate different types of datasets to give a full analytical overview over you information security and offer solutions to improve data protection.
Decentralised Data Protection Utilising the power from the Web3 world using P2P, distributed, decentralised blockchain technology.
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly detection, protection and analytics based on primary and secondary storage helping detect and keeping data protected.
Node Providers & JSTX
The APEX file storage engine is based on a community of nodes powering our network and security.

Anomaly detections combined with secure primary & secondary storage is the future of data protection. JS Security is here to change the game!

JS Security wants to innovate a space where we see a huge potential in terms of market size and the actual need for secure data protection. Not only where we keep our data but also how we analise, detect and prevent treats from ever happening before something gets stored or put in a "backup"

We do things a bit differently.

How do you know that the data in your backup is the data you can trust? How does one detect if something is about to happen or if something is happening? Today. The value in data protections is where it hurts the most.
Use Decentralised, encrypted and sharded storage solutions to solve data loss and protection.
There are multiple ways to keep data secure, but there are just a few ways to really know that when you ship something to your storage you know that its the same contents and meta you get back.
Based on backed up data that is protected in a decentralised and encrypted P2P network. You use this to analyse and detect anomalies.
Use historic data to build data charts to notice anomalies in you data sets. Detect, clear and protect.
Convert data into decisions with Anomaly detection and security prevention.
As a security expert, knowing your data is a key way to make correct decision. Together with secure storage and historic data you can build your own disaster prevention techniques and inform critical personal in real time.
Pinpoint when in times something has changed, been affected or in real time detect a hack, breach or change in data.
Provide insights to the right person in your time as things progress. Use data to create reports and setup custom triggers to detect and prevent alters in data.

By 2023, 40% of security teams will use Web3 storage with some kind of anomaly detection for automated security risk analysis in DevOps pipelines, reducing unplanned downtime by 30+%

The future for secure, object and block storage is pointing to the Web3 market where utilising blockchain and individuate components from crypto,DeFi and Web 3.
Bryan F
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“Before using Stack we just couldn’t get our act together - productivity was low and the place was a mess. After Stack we became MVP of our field. 💪🏽💪🏽”
Jo Howard
@j0howard • Sept 2
“I won’t mince words, Stack is 100% legit. Our workflow has been supercharged by the plethora of design options and the attnetion to detail is seriously next-level. GET INTO IT.”
Kath Hodge
@khodge3 • Sept 2
“What was especially amazing was the breadth of the design. This isn’t just one or two basic pages, it covers all the bases and allows us to launch fully realised websites faster than ever. ✌️”
Connor P.
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Without Stack we would still be managing things the bad old way: wasting time, missing deadlines and finger-pointing. No more! Pivot has saved our business. 💰
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At first we were using templates solely to mock up designs for clients, but the design of Stack was so strong that the client demanded we keep it.
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The transition to
data storage 3.0

Centralized cloud services are accessible but not secured. We are building storage 3.0, where storing your files in the cloud is easy, decentralized, secured, and owned by you.
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Flagging suspicious activity
Scanning for embedded malware on top of a decentralised storage network.

Cyber security and malware attacks are happening more often than we know it. But how to detect and know that something is "cooking" with our decentralised storage technology and our visions for anomaly detection we are pushing the limits on what technology support in an air gaped and encrypted environment.
Cyber attacks are not what most people think. They often get un noticed but what if you could detect an intrusion before it happens. What is you could to 100% know that your data is secure not matter what. With JS Securitys group of companies we offer services that can help you with just that.

We build simple (but highly technical) security solutions to help the world keep information secure.

JS Security's initial focus is to keep information available when you need it the most. Secure, encrypted, distributed and decentralized. We open up the opportunity to build services and integrate Web3 technology into everyday systems and use cases with our base platform.
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Customers are working together with JS Security to detect, prevent and keep infromation secure.

JS Security is currently working closely with our partner companies in the Group to deliver the best security solutions for our clients based on accurate world metrics, and the need can call to keep data secure and in the right-full hands of its owners.

Meet our Products
Services & Subsidiaries

Met our stack of projects, product, services and subsidiary that power our mission in revolutionising the data protection space.


APEX is our next-generation, S3-compatible file storage engine, that opens the world of a decentralised, encrypted and files sharded networks for the public.


Information Security management & consulting delivering Oracle OCI & Web Content Center enterprise solutions.

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